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Nova x Seamus part3
Part 3
Seamus POV----
As I left the room, I Went upstairs, and starded searching for my new room, I looked in one room, it was pink, ewww I thoght to myself. As I opened the next room, It was normal I guess, So I picked my stuff and put in there. After a while, as I setup my things, I heard a soft knock on the door.
- Come in,- I said not even bothering who came.
- Sup,- Said Max.
- Oh hey,- I said and looked at him.
- What ya doin?, - he said in soft voise.
- Nothin,- I said a bit akward, and felt my cheek a little bit red, but thank god I hided it with my arm. What the fuck I thought to myself, I don't even like Gassy, why I'm blushing?
- Soo... Umm.. I wanted to ask maybe later we sho---
- Hey guys! Dinner is ready, - Voise caled from downstairs. I sigh with a relief. And went downstairs with Max. As we entered a kitchen I felt a like someone was watching me and it was. James looked at me curiously, and I blushed again. I took my dinner and went to my room. After I finished eating a
:iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 5 7
Jeamus lol :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 4 2 Nova x Seamus againnn lol :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 4 3 Creatures in minecraft :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 1 3 Lol :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 5 0 SSoHPKc in Nova's hoodie lol :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 1 0 Nova x Seamus :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 2 0
Nova x Seamus part2
Part 2
James POV---
I heard a door open downstairs, And Jordan's voise calling me.
- James?! Come downstairs! Say Hi to the everyone!
- Yeah Yeah I'm goin!
As I went downstairs I saw Max carrying Seamus. I felt a bit jealous.
- What's with Seamus?
- Nothing, just tired,- Said Max.
- Oh, But put him in the chair then.
- Alright alright, no need to be jealous.
- I'm not!!- I shouted a little bit loud so it woke up Seamus.
- uhhh... Can guys be a little bit quiet?
- Sorry,- I said, And my cheeks turned a bit pink then he looked at me.
- Anyways ladies, since a lot of us is here, we should set things up, and watch a movie?
- Good idea,- Max said.
- Yeah. I agree,- Dan said aswell.
- Sure,- said Seamus- But first Max can you put me down? - He said a little bit akward.
- Oh yeah sorry,- Max blushed.
After a while everything was set up, and we sit down on our chairs. Dan put some movie and we wached. The film was good, but not that good so I fell asleep. As I woke up the film was already over
:iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 4 1
Nova x Seamus part1
I turned around to my right side, as I saw James lying next to me. I felt how my cheeks reding. I just stared at him, then i felt his arm to my face and pressed his lips against mine...
Part 1
Finally the day to go to the creatures house. I can't believe what I'm goin to live with guys. Especialy James... I blushed then i thought his name in my mind. Suddenly I heard a *buzz* in my pocket. I took my phone out, a message from Jordan:
- Hey don't forget your flight! I'll be waiting.
- I didn't forgot... Anyway I was about to leave.
- Okay, see ya at airport.
- Bye.
Dumbasss, I thought to myself about Jordan. After ten minutes i picket my suitcases and bags and left the house, and drove to the airport. Then I got in the plain, I was really happy and sad at the same time. I was sad because I didn't really wanted to leave my house. But I was happy to finally see James in real life, not just from a skype, or picture... Maybe I will finally tell him how I feel?... I don't know. Thes
:iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 7 4
Me? :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 1 0 Dis is meh :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 1 0 The creatures : Nova x Seamus 4 :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 8 3 The creatures : Nova x Seamus 3 :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 5 8 The creatures : Nova x Seamus 2 :iconkiomichan:KiomiChan 6 14


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Lol recently I improved with my drawing skills, and always I'm pretty bored, so what I mean is I could try to draw you or you'r OC. :3

Well that's it see ya :D


I go as a iCoOk1e lol
My real name isn't Kiomi, lol my real name is Gabrielle. Why i go as Kiomi or iCoOk1e? Well it's much better than my real name :D


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Hello KiomiChan, I saw your work and I liked it so I was wandering if I can use your art to make a GIF on a community on G+ giving you credits and link to this channel. We are the Creaturits… and if you want you can join. If you don't want to share I understand. Thanks and keep going with your work :)
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